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ValueWeb - Hostcue Editor Review
Editor: Hostcue Admin
Rating: 9

Company Review:
ValueWeb is a member of the Affinity Internet, Inc. family of Web hosting companies, guiding over 170,000 businesses to web success. Since 1996, ValueWeb has distinguished itself from competitors through our singular commitment to you, the customer. New programs are continually being introduced through Customer First to stay on top of challenging industry. In an industry where change is steady, we also rely heavily on your feedback to make sure customer concerns and ideas are being heard and addressed.

The Good:
They provide great hosting features with good customer support and a 99.9% guarantee of keeping your web site up.

The Bad:
They have expensive packages.

Hostcue Review Breakdown

Price: 8
The company prices are affordable and they provide different types of plan according to the demand of the customers. Each plan is suitable to the end consumer with respect to the prices.

Value: 9

Service: 9
Value web understand that a great web host must provide a winning combination of generous web services. The value web team is very experienced and is determined to become your number one choice for your entire web hosting needs

Technical Support: 8
They have a knowledge base, which helps their customers to get the answer of a great deal of questions. Users can view flash tutorials online just to get help in order to setup their web site. You can also contact them by using their tool free number. A live chat support is also provided so that you can contact them for any help that you need.

Setup Time: 9
They setup your account on the same day when all of you forms are submitted. However, it takes few days to setup the domain name.

Customer Support Response Time: 8
ValueWeb Web Hosting has the highest possible network uptime with multiple connections to Tier 1 service providers and redundant Cisco catalyst switches. Their data center has climate control and filtration systems, iris scan entry, guard security, and redundant power systems.

ValueWeb Web Hosting utilizes only name brand components with the highest levels of performance and reliability. Their network is monitored 24/7/365 and has the latest automated technologies to immediately correct any system problems.

The bottom line with ValueWeb Web Hosting is reliability, speed, and experience. If these factors are most important then it may override the high price.

Server Speed: 9
Multi-million dollar Affinity Class A Data Center is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Among the equipment installed in the data center are 7500 series Cisco routers, a 7-terabyte IBM robotic tape library, IBM RS/6000 SP supercomputers, a 200 KVA UPS emergency power system, and a 2,000 gallon diesel generator. Staffed with a highly trained team of experienced professionals, and stocked.

Connection Speed: 9
Not Available.

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