Web Hosting Basics
Web hosting (also known as Web hosting, Web site hosting, and hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web site.
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Web Hosting Basics

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Web Hosting Basics

Web Hosting Basics
Many businesses are using Internet to create a new worldwide marketplace for their products. With the instantaneous nature of the communication medium and the unbelievable scope of the audience, it is understandable why it has become popular now.

Not only a business man but every person in this world, directly or indirectly related to Internet. It helps all types of person belonging to every field of life. It doesn't matter whether you are a doctor or an agrarian, either you belong to media or you work for a multinational company, what ever you are, you can get help from internet.

Internet is a massive collection of web sites. These web sites cover all the areas of life and provide sufficient material about everything. But how these websites stay online 24/7, and where these sites are placed? To solve the following quires, let us take a closer look at web site hosting.

Web Hosting
Web hosting (also known as Web hosting, Web site hosting, and hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web site. Web hosting is a service that provides online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via the Web. In short webhosting is a service relating to hosting a website on the internet. In order to have your site hosted on the web, you need to have the following three things:

•  Website
A page or set of pages that is located under the same domain name. A web page is a computer document written in a publishing language called HTML. When an Internet user types in your web address, your web server sends the content of your web page to that user.

•  Domain name
A unique text-based address used to locate a specific set of web pages. A domain name is made up of words and/or numbers plus a TLD (top level domain). The TLD for most businesses is ".com", non-profit organizations use ".org"; universities and educational sites use ".edu"; and sites involved with the U.S. government use ".gov". More TLDs are on the way, such as .biz, .pro, .name, .info, etc.

•  Account
An account with a web hosting company, or a server of your own to host your website

Where these sites are hosted?
You don't know the answer? Ok let me tell you. These websites are hosted on web servers. But what is that web server? We can define web server as:

Web server is a computer where Web sites and Internet sites are stored. It physically holds the Web site on its hard disk and transfers Web pages and information over the Internet as they are requested using one or more protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, and so on.

Where these web servers are located?
Web servers are located in web hosting companies .A Web hosting company is a company that specializes in hosting Web sites for other companies on their computers. They provide services for hosting the sites. They provide band width (amount of data transfer in unit time), disk space (space required to store web site and its contents) and many other services that are necessary for a web site hosting. They also provide some extra and additional services which may not the necessity of your website but may help in promoting your web site or business.