Choosing Right Web Hosting
Before choosing any plan you must take a closer look in this guide, and decide that in which category you lie.
1. Consideration While Choosing Web Hosting company 2. Questions to be Asked to the Hosting company
3. Choosing Web Hosting According to Needs  
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Consideration While Choosing Web Hosting company

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Consideration about services

While choosing a hosting plan for your site you must consider several things. These are very important issues in making the right decision and choosing the best and necessary hosting services.

Costs and Setup Fees
When you compare web hosting make sure you are fully aware of the true costs before you sign up. You must go for the low cost web hosting services but also reliable one.

Web Space
Web space is determined by the type of your site. Certainly, if you want to have a web site with basic information about yourself then you require very small amount of web space (almost 50MB is enough). On the other hand, if you want to have complex e-commerce site with several thousand products in your database or web site with members, you don�t have to take anything less than 1 GB.

Bandwidth represents data that has been transferred from your web site and that include graphic details, images, banners, files for download etc. Content is very important for planning your bandwidth. For most sites, 10 GB monthly bandwidth is more than enough while for some other sites like desktop wallpapers sites bandwidth can be often even several hundred GB per month.

Up-time or visibility
Up-time or visibility represents time expressed in percents that show how much is one site online. Don�t be fooled because someone guarantees for example 98% up-time because it is not enough. You don�t have to take anything les than 99.7%.

Email accounts
It is important to know what you will get in your best web hosting package regarding email accounts. Will you get only a so called catch �all forwarding which means that all emails sent to will arrive to your email address or you can set-up email accounts for several users? For how many? Is it for 5, 10, 100 or unlimited email accounts, etc

Server type, tools and control panel
The two most often used hosting are on Unix-based or Windows platform. That fact has for the result program languages, databases and scripts that you will be able to use. On Unix-based platform, usual choice is PHP language in combination with MySQL while on Windows platform ASP or ASP.NET language in combination with SQL Server. You have to check do you get a database in your package and how many. Today, modern web site has to be database-driven.

Customer Support
When you compare web hosting you will need to find out if the hosting service provides good customer support. Is it 24/7 or just Monday through Friday? Customer support is very important because you don�t want your site or sites down for long periods of time. You can easily check with the BBB to see how the web hosting company rates with customer service. This simple consideration can help save you from hassles and lost revenue.