Web Hosting & Related Services Articles

'Articles' section brings you a comprehensive overview of different aspects of web hosting. For advanced hosting seekers we offer overviews of Virtual Private Servers (types of servers, advantages and disadvantages and explanation of technical details),Colocation and Dedicated servers (pros & cons, reviews, "how to buy" hints) and a comprehensive review of Managed Hosting.

Don't forget to review connectivity options available nowadays. Today choosing the best and cost-effective Internet connection is not an easy task so available options like DSL/xDSL, Broadband, Dialup Access and Wireless Internet need to be reviewed. If you are running a website and promoting it then sooner or later your traffic will increase and you will have to deal with data transfer and Bandwidth trying to calculate and optimize it and lower costs. Take a look how to do it better.

None of Web sites can exist without a good Design or Templates. Find out how to avoid mistakes in design of your site, develop appropriate Logo and Design your own web template. Website promotion is not an easy task and often requires consulting services such as Search engine optimization and Internet marketing. The more effectively you do that the more traffic you get and the more visitors you convert to sales. Getting more visitors to website is impossible without getting more links to it so find out about types of links, mistakes to avoid and about building linking-worth pages.

Running a website is impossible without a domain name so find out how to choose the domain, and different types of domains. Running an E-commerce or advanced website often requires different add-on services such as merchant accounts, shopping carts or SSL certificates so be prepared to make a correct choice and not to be confused by a variety of offered services.

Website monitoring services
If your website is up, your website search rankings are important. However, what about when your website is down and having problems? Obviously, they are not as important....

Speed up your web pages
There could be a few reasons why your web pages load up slowly. When it happens look for some of these signs and look for ways to fix them quickly and easily. ...

Technical support
Why do we need technical support for our websites? If something goes wrong, and you do not know what the problem is, technical support can help you find what is wrong and help you fix it....

Basic website statistics
Basic website statistics are something you need to pay attention to. These are broken down into six easy categories that can make your website owning experience confusing and frustrating....

Spam wars - Who's side is your provider on?
Spam is unwanted junk mail that comes in various forms. The most common form is in email and if your host provider battles the unwanted mail, this is something that will benefit you in the end....

How to host a gaming server
Online gaming is a massive industry. The Entertainment Software Association says that 69 per cent of Americans play computer and video games, and 44 per cent of those play games online....

How to start your own web hosting company
Everyone knows somebody who has a website (or has his own) these days and they all need to be hosted. That's the reason that so many people think providing web hosting is a sound business idea....

How to choose the right voip service provider
Cheap phone calls - we all want them. The good news is that recent advances in internet technology have made it easy for us to get them....

In search of the best shopping cart
If you do any online shopping, and many of us do, when you are ready to pay you will see a little shopping cart symbol that tells you it is time to start the payment process....

Web hosting control panels: an overview
The web hosting control panel is the nerve center of your web hosting business. In fact, you can't run a web hosting business without one....

Web hosts: how to secure online data with ssl
If you are dealing with sensitive data then you need a way to make sure it is protected. There's no point in making it easy for phishers and other fraudsters to get hold of sensitive information......

Make money using Ebay and Amazon
Everyone wants to make money on the internet and there are two companies that allow you to do just that. With Ebay and Amazon there are two ways that you can make money and it's very simple. Here's......