Web Hosting

  • Ecommerce Hosting - ecommerce hosting solutions for those who are planning to build product buying-selling websites. All plans offer enough diskspace and bandwidth and good servers speed. In addition tolls such as website builder, built-in shopping carts, SSL and database support are available which makes ecommerce website building fast, easy and convenient. In addition merchant accounts support is offered so Ecommerce web hosting plans is the best choice if you plan to start your online business.
  • Budget Hosting - whether you are planning to find affordable web hoting or very cheap web hosting or even free hosting you can find all of them in Budget web hosting plans. All plans offer a reliable hosting with diskspace/bandwidth parameters perfectly fitting your needs at a very affordable plans. Best choice to start your web hosting experience.
  • Unix Hosting: PHP web hosting, Perl/Python support, MySql/PostgreSql databases, open-source scripts, mod_rewrite, SSH access - you will find all that in Linux web hosting plans. The best choice for those looking for extreme reliability, lots of programming features, wide server access and control and affordable prices. Quality proved by many years of experience - don't you think it will suit you?
  • Windows Hosting: if you are a fan of native Windows interface, native technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, .NET components, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Frontpage then windows hosting is your choice. Windows hosting plans will give you all these features and convenient interaction with hosting/website.
  • Virtual Private Servers - looking for more server control? Want to build a customized configuration? Want to use power of server for 100% and still need an affordable price? Then Virtual private servers is your best choice. Choose one of plans and increase your web hosting experience.
  • Reseller Hosting - the best way to start your web hosting business. Find the appropriate plan and you will get an automated server maintenance and configuration, customers management, billing, domain registration, powerful control panel and lots of installed software. Concentrate on support and sales, the rest will be done by your web hosting solution.
  • Dedicated Servers - get power, security and control of your own web hosting server. Should you want a better security or more power or want to run enterprise-scale applications dedicated hosting plans is your best choice. Guaranteed server reliability, 24/7 support and powerful control panels (cPanel,Plesk) will ensure reliability and security of your data and applications.
  • Coldfusion Hosting - for Macromedia fans seeking for extensive programming features. ColdFusion MX 7, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Studio MX, Fireworks MX as well as ASP/ASP.NET, PHP/Perl, Access/SQL Server support - everthing is there and based on windows platform.

Web hosting Guides

Running your website and choosing web hosting provider is not an easy task so you need to be prepared to that. Hostcue buying guides will help you to do that.
  • Choosing SEO company - If you have a website but no one but you knows how to find it, then you may be missing a trick. There are many people and companies who made sure to get a web presence, but just having a site isn't enough. If you're in this situation, you may have heard about search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Domain Name Guide - the first task you need to do in order to establish your online presence is to choose a domain name. Read useful tips on how to choose a domain name, register, buy and sell a domain. Also you will find out how to monetize your domain using domain parking feature.
  • Choosing Server Administration service - the 2nd most important task after choosing a Dedicated server is Server administration. Basically you have 3 options: managed hosting company, in-house server administrator and outsourced server administration. Find out more about all options and make the right choice.
  • Choosing Offshore Web Design company - every website requires a graphic design. Nowadays thousands of offshore companies offer web design services. Find out which facts to pay attention to and how to choose the right web design company and get a high-class website graphic design.
  • ISP Buying Guide - find out how to choose a correct internet connection provider, which facts to pay attention to, which access method to choose and how to compare ISP providers.
  • Web Hosting Basics - find out what web hosting is and which types of web hosting are available.
  • Choosing Right Web Hosting - measure your web hosting needs, understand parameters of web hosting plans and find out what to ask hosting companies about before buying web hosting.
  • Merchant Accounts - if you are running a web site and planning to charge your customers then merchant account is that what you need to know about. Review types of merchant accounts, case studies, tips to buy and frequently asked questions.

Web hosting Glossary

There is a lot of terms in internet / web hosting industry and new ones emerge almost every week. So using glossary is a good way to be well informed. Hundreds of most popular terms such as Apache, Bandwidth, DNS, GPL, IMAP, JSP, Load Balancing, Managed Hosting, Open Source, Parking, SSL, TLD, Virtual Hosting, WHOIS, XML, Zone File and much more are available.

Web Hosting articles

All aspects of web hosting are reviewed in this section. Reviews, advices, guides, user experience, ratings, documentation and much more.
  • Advanced Hosting articles - reviews of types of advanced servers (VPS, Colocation, Dedicated, Managed hosting), advantages of advanced hosting, questions to consider, instructions how to buy.
  • Connectivity articles - reviews of types of internet access, detailed information about broadband, DSL, Cable internet, types of modems, wireless networks, types of server access.
  • Consulting Services articles: web design, web development, website marketing, search engines, website ranking, templates - reviews, advices, case studies and other articles. Find out how to Make Money using Ebay and Amazon.
  • General Web Hosting articles - Linux, Windows, Budget, Ecommerce, Reseller and Adult hosting reviewed. Find out about advantages of each type of hosting, how to choose appropriate web hosting, which facts to pay attention to and how to run a web site.
  • Product and Services articles - be informed about web hosting related services: domain registration (addon-domains, parked domains, expired domains), merchant accounts, shopping carts, backup services, SSL certificates (website security, firewalls), Internet phones / VOIP, web hosting managed services (Control panes, spam protection, load balancing, network monitoring).